Depressed War Fanatics Find New Hero

Mmm, nuts. - WonketteTimes are tough for the brave commenters on pro-Bushpro-Republican pro-Endless War In Iraq blogs. Their only allies in the War Against Bob Gates are Rick Santorum and some crazy old man from Kentucky with a broken No button. Dick Cheney has been kicked down to vice president and is no longer allowed to speak in public, the House and Senate are Democratic, and every church in the country is hosting nude gay weddings where the only heterosexual intercourse allowed is to produce stem cells for AIDS patients.

As somebody like Jon Bon Jovi once said, "They need another hero." And they found him: a 24-year-old Army reservist with a blog. Why? Because the Iraq Study Group Report sucks, that's why! All the painful details, after the jump.

We have no way to confirm if this "T.F. Boggs" is really an Army reservist who recently served in Iraq, but we'll take him at his word because why not? The Internets are self-policing! Anyway, we appreciate his alleged service and especially his venal hatred for welfare moms and Nancy Pelosi and James Baker III and those crafty invisible savages who simultaneously follow Islam and the crony-capitalist European mid-20th Century form of government known as Fascism.

Obviously, he needs to be the new dictator of America. Let's hear it from the Powerline commenters:

* It breaks my heart to hear your discouragment, Sgt. You are NOT alone! My son-in-law also spent time there. Many of us are very angry about the MSN and the liberal goofballs who have no concept of what is needed in Iraq. We need to WIN! We need to root out the terrorists and kill them like the vermin they are. They hate us... they want to destroy us and our way of life. Send a letter to your Commander in Chief, George W. Bush and tell him to straighten up, quit listening to the goofy leftists and fight to win!

* How said that this unassailable wisdom is not capable of being heeded by our leaders? Is there a more clear threat then what Iran's Islamist leaders present? Is there a greater enemy then the global Islamists the Iraqi Sunni and Shiite extremists represent? How can they even pretend we are not fighting Islamists? But, we have to remember... they pretended that we were not fighting ruthless Communists in Vietnam.

* The Iraq Survey Group has apparently been working for 8 months. We do not yet know at what cost, just who chose the participants, and what 'experts' they consulted. In al that time, they never managed to address the primary problem--the misreporting and faulty representation of reality in Iraq by the media. Until this problem is solved, it is going to be hard to progress.

* Thank you for your insight and service Sgt. Boggs. Hopefully Pres. Bush will ignore the ISG report. It is a little off topic, but I have a question- At what point did our military become so sqeemish about their mission of killing people and breaking things? We were not that way in WWII. When we bombed, we did not worry about civilian deaths. It seems to me our military is not near aggressive enough or brutal enough in Iraq. If civilians are shields or are near where shooting is coming from they are going to die-no apologies. If our troops are fired upon from a mosque, that mosque should be flattened. If a group of people who are targets are at a funeral, that should not stop us from bombing them. Some of the things I hear about the rules of engagement just baffel me. Should not war be about the use of overwhelming force to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible? Is it the military or are they just responding to what they perceive as the predominant public opinion.

* I think most of the country gets it. The impatience lies in not fighting the war to win. It seems we do nothing to crush their will to fight and seem to take demoralizing positions on Israel as they floundered against a common foe they should have crushed over the summer. Looking at Baker's pleasant face does nothing but cause me to recall of the mass graves in Iraq.

* Our Politically Correct politicians and those same in Europe leave themselves wide open to continued Islamic reprisal i.e., terrorism. Intimidation through PC and Muslim organizations in America like CAIR have been steadily at work; following the guide lines of the panel, will we be far behind Spain, Briton, Germany or France in bowing down to Muslim demands? Islam is the religion du jour in Iraq - we can and are dealing with it.......however without Moqtada al-Sadr, Islam might just become as it is advertised. Shame on Baker and Shame on Hamilton for not addressing this.

Sergeant Boggs dissents [Powerline]

t.f. boggs [Blogspot]


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