Deputy Attorney General's Facebook Posts Too Crazy Even For Virginia Republicans, So Bye!
Former Deputy Attorney General Monique Miles (Facebook photo)

One of the top deputies to Virginia's new Republican attorney general had to delete her own job Thursday after the Washington Post started asking questions about Facebook posts in which she had called the January 6 insurrectionists "patriots," and others in which she insisted Donald Trump had for sure won the 2020 election. The former deputy AG, Monique Miles, had at least three different Facebook accounts, some pseudonymous, on which she had

espoused unfounded conspiracy theories about voter fraud and election interference in more than a dozen Facebook comments that spanned months. Four people who interacted with Miles on Facebook confirmed the authenticity of the posts.

Oh, and because we live in a world where reality is too improbable for a "Veep" plotline, Ms. Miles worked as "deputy attorney general for government operations and transactions," a job whose remit included

representingthe state in election-related litigation and giving legal advice to the state Department of Elections and its governing body, the state Board of Elections, on various matters.

Honestly, we're wondering whether there might be something more yet to be reported about Miles, because since when is believing in crazy conspiracy theories about the 2020 election disqualifying for a Republican official who oversees elections?

Following the 2020 election, Miles posted several Facebook messages espousing the idea that the election was stolen. In one exchange with a friend, she insisted that China did it, and that "The China interference is real," but her friend would have to wait for evidence because "That is high level national security stuff. They can’t just release this evidence in civil court without following the proper protocol." She went on, in another conversation with the same person, to explain that American media had been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party:

We are at war with the CCP and those that sold our Country out to them [...] Trump is here to take them down. Biden will never step his compromised self into the White House.

When January 6 arrived, Miles, posting as "Monique Miglia," was very excited by the prospect that the brave patriots she was watching on TV would save America from its own voters. (Also, credit where due: Using the Italian word for "miles" is nice and nerdy; too bad she's friggin' nuts.)

News Flash: Patriots have stormed the Capitol. No surprise. The deep state has awoken the sleeping giant. Patriots are not taking this lying down. We are awake, ready and will fight for our rights by any means necessary.

At some point later in the day, however, Miles updated the message, possibly in light of the prevailing bullshit going around rightwing media about the insurrection:

Edit: **antifa dressed as Patriots** have stormed the Capitol. No surprise. Typical antifa and BLM intimidation tactics. However, the deep state has awoken the sleeping giant. Patriots are not taking this lying down. We are awake, ready and will fight for our rights by any means necessary. Patriots are peace loving, Antifa and BLM are not.

Also, Patriots have always wanted to hang Mike Pence Eastasia.

This detail makes us a little sad, though:

The post and the later edited version drew a number of angry comments from Miles’s Facebook friends, according to one screenshot. They included one of Miles’s high school government teachers who wrote, “I failed you.”

It's sad to see people get all caught up in a cult, to be sure.

After the Post contacted the office of Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares for comment Thursday morning on screenshots of the Facebook posts, spokesperson Victoria LaCivita — could you ask for a better name for a civil servant? — said in a statement that

This information was unknown to the Office of the Attorney General prior to this morning. [...] Ms. Miles has resigned from her position at the Office of the Attorney General.

La Civita went on to say that Miyares had of course condemned the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and of course he knows Joe Biden won the election.

Miles herself was a bit less diplomatic. She emailed the Post to explain that she had been the victim of a "character assassination to stir up controversy" and also that "some liberals have their daggers out for black conservative females."

You see, it's actually very unfair to call attention to her Facebook posts from that brief period of time before it became absolutely clear that the election was legitimate, yeah, that's the ticket!

"The posts were made at a time when the news was still developing re: the facts around the election, the court cases, the Rally on the Ellipse and what happened at the capitol,” Miles said in the email. “That was before all the audits occurred. These posts have been taken out of context.”

She added: “What we know now about the election today is very different from what we knew on Election Day 2020 or even what we knew on the day that President Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. I believe he is our president as he was certified as such.”

Well of course! It's perfectly normal to assume that a shadowy conspiracy and massive fraud were at work in any election, at least until the winner — who you've been insisting is illegitimate — gets sworn in, and then automatically you decide to accept the results.

Say, speaking of context, you know what context we're missing? Neither the Post nor Ms. Miles offered any screenshots of posts in which she said, "Oops, my bad, I was mistaken! There was no fraud, and Joe Biden is, I hate to say it, the actual president. Guess our side will have to work harder next time!"

The story notes that the "comments obtained by The Post are not publicly visible, but Miles said they had not been deleted." So surely if there were posts announcing her change of heart, Miles could call attention to them? The Post also pointed out that the account where the posts had appeared is still up (for now), although she later changed the handle to "Myb Monique."

We didn't find anything especially inflammatory on the page, apart from a fun image she'd posted in June 2021 to explain that she has no idea how vaccines work:

Photo labeled "I trust my immune system, my body my choice, freedom to choose"

The Post also offers a screenshot of a post from the day of Virginia's general election last November, in which Miles suggests that the election had to be rigged to hurt Republicans:

It's official. Voter suppression appears to be happening in precincts across the Commonwealth as many are reporting that they don't have enough ballots!!!!!! One precinct ran out at 11am and another at 10:15am. What the heck?!!! It is well known that GOP voters tend to vote in person on Election Day, so.....! #shenanigans #PrayHardltWorks

I'm stationed in a registrar's office standing guard. I'm anticipating a long night because of all the xerox ballots and people (GOP and DNC poll watcher pairs) needing to stay and watch the hand count to make sure our election is fair and not stolen.

After all, precincts couldn't simply run out of ballots in a high-turnout election for any other reason than a deliberate plot to suppress GOP votes, that's just logic.

As it turned out, though, that election resulted in the election of Jason Miyares, who selected Miles for her job, so we guess maybe she grudgingly came to accept its legitimacy.


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