Derbyshire Award for Gayest Column Ever (Why Let the Dems Hog the Homoeroticism?)

The National Review's John Derbyshire, winner of the Boi from Troi/Wonkette "Honorariest Homo Award." does it again, in a column entitled -- we could never make this up -- "Seer or Sucker?

We think he's more of likes-to-watch guy. Then again, anyone who uses as many French words as he does must like doing dirty things with this mouth. . . But even the Derb draws a line somewhere:

Speaking for myself, I have never attempted anything sartorial with fruit. If invited to "dress festive," I should probably show up in a Hawaiian shirt, chinos, and plimsolls, which plainly is not what is intended.

Seer or Sucker? [National Review]

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BoiFromTroy/Wonkette Honorariest Homo Poll Winner [Wonkette]


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