Dereliction of Our Fran Townsend Duties

frances%20fragos%20townsend.jpgWe try to report on all the comings and goings of homeland security hottie Frances Townsend -- her Situation Room appearances, her bird flu briefings, etc.

But sometimes things fall through the cracks. Last night we received this email:

I am so very disappointed you did not mention Fran Townsend's appearance on MSNBC this afternoon. There she was, dressed in pink, standing out in from of the West Wing entrance at the infamous "Pebble Beach" -- and you missed the whole thing. For shame.

P.S. She knows about your "infatuation," as does most everyone else who works on Homeland Security at the White House. All were disappointed in you.

We apologize for this inexcusable lapse. If anyone can send us a screen cap or video footage of Townsend's MSNBC appearance, we'd be eternally grateful.

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