Details On Today's Latest McCain/Palin KKK Rally


The McCain campaign's angry tone this week hasproduced frightening anecdotes from every McCain/Palin rally about murdering the treasonous terrorist Barack Obama. Wingnuts are seeing Obama solidify his leads and are genuinely frightened that this Muslim might actually do it! And what does that make them do? Be even "wingnuttier," of course, and that means that the mob rallies are getting more primitive and violent by the day. Today's rally -- "the angriest McPalin rally ever" -- was in Wisconsin, a "swing state" where Obama is leading by 10 points.

The rally was all fine and dandy until John McCain said something vaguely liberal and thereby insulted God:

Some in the very partisan crowd even booed McCain at one point after he said, "I believe that climate change is real; I believe that greenhouse gasses are a threat to our planet."

The crowd cheered when Palin said "Drill, baby, drill" for oil.

See? Sarah fits right in with these psychopaths, whereas John McCain lacks the political sense to actually listen when crazy people rant about socialism:

Ron Weisblog, 64, a retired home remodeler, stood up to McCain and said, "May I please finish?" after McCain prematurely began to respond to Weisblog's statement that he was very mad that "socialists are taking over America."

An awkward silence followed Weisblog's rebuke of McCain until McCain uttered a Steve Martin-like "Excuuuuuse me!"

And then the crowd lynched an effigy of Steve Martin and started ripping off other people's limbs so as to eat them, raw, blood flying everywhere.

Slate's John Dickerson captures the mood on his TWITTER: "Crowd at mccain rally giving press bus the single finger salute." That's the one logical thing that happened today.

McCain, Palin attack Obama at Wis. town hall meeting [Chicago Sun Times]


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