On a list of Detroit’s biggest problems, the lack of a statue honoring RoboCop would seem to rank rather low.

For SOME people. For some.

Yet in a city where some of the most prominent buildings have sat vacant for decades and booting a scandal-plagued mayor out of office took eight months, raising $50,000 to produce and install a 7-foot-tall iron replica of the crime-fighting cyborg was accomplished in a mere six days.

More than 1,600 people agreed to chip in an average of $17 through a Web site, DetroitNeedsRoboCop.com, and half of the target amount was contributed by a San Francisco company that specializes in turning fake consumer products from movies and television shows into reality.

Hooray! The RoboCop will film one of those Super Bowl commercials with Eminem and a drunken Miguel Cabrera at the wheel of a Chrysler, and then you all will stop alternately pitying and making jokes about Detroit. You monsters. [NYT]


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