Deval Patrick Shouts At Opponent To Take Down Photo of Nice Lady With Obama-Hitler T-Shirt


OH NOES! A T-SHIRT! MASSACHUSETTS, STOP WHAT YER DOIN'!It turns out that you people still eat photos of things that compare Obama to Hitler up, so Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, in an epic quest for his own pageviewz, has noted that his opponent Charles D. Baker had one of these photos on his Flickr. "HITLER gave good speeches and had his own symbol too," the dumb t-shirt on this lady says, unoriginally. The photo was one of 1,200 on this guy's Flickr account, and everyone knows Flickr accounts are the most important test of a candidate's fitness for office, so Baker took the photo down.

Cue wingnuts saying these two are BLACK REPUBLICANS, so it doesn't count.

Cue libruls freaking out again over some hateful thing that is just trite at this point.

Cue oppo researcher cashing check for spending a whole day clicking through dumb Flickr photos.

Cue our own continued Obama-Hitler-comparison pageview gold. [Boston Globe]


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