Devoted Pornography Supporter Gary Ackerman Accidentally Votes For Morality

ackerman.jpgGary Ackerman (D-NY), seen here penning erotic Buffy fanfic, gave an impassioned speech on the floor of the House decrying the bill that boosted indecency fines tenfold for TV networks. It even ended with the classic legislative sendoff, "Mr. Speaker, I for one will be voting against this bill." The only problem: He voted for it.

For the first time in 25 years at the New York State Senate and House of Representatives, Ackerman "hit the wrong button," said a staffer. It was distressing, he added, but a note was added to the Congressional Record that the congressman had meant to vote no--you can't take a vote back once it has been cast.

That's what happens when you vote one-handed.

(The Hope-tron 5000 has cut off our oxygen! Help us, Brad Sherman!)

Passionate Smut Bill Foe Accidentally Votes 'Yes' [B&C]


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