DHS Ruining Halloween These Days

* Bush will once again don his villain top hat, cloak and curly mustache to veto health coverage for poor, sick children. This time though, he's adding a cigarette in a long black holder to his costume. [Left Coaster]

* Ron Paul loves terrorists almost as much as he loves money. [Hot Air]

* Rush Limbaugh: father figure. [Fresh Intelligence]

* We loved the '90s so much; we're thrilled to to get to live through them all over again. [WorldNet Daily]

* DHS Secretary Chertoff is really upset about a racist Halloween costume but bitterly refuses to remove his own horrifying zombie mask. [Think Progress]

* Trannies can't get any love anywhere. [Daily Dish]

* Lieberman looks at Iraq and sees... it's not clear what he sees, but we know that it's crazy. [Carpet Bagger Report]


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