Diabolical Huckabee's Dirty Fingerprints Are All Over McCain Smear

John McCain, felled like a winter elkCrack reporters at ABC News have uncovered the real evidence that Mike Huckabee set up American hero John McCain for a fall: his continued hints at an upcoming "YouTube moment" of reckoning. That and Huckabee's continued presence in the Republican primary race, despite there being no statistical chance he could clinch the nomination...unless something terrible were to happen to McCain, of course.

For the past several weeks Huckabee has suggested that his chances in the race for the Republican nomination hinge upon John McCain not obtaining the required 1191 delegates or the Senator having a "you tube moment" that could turn the tide of the election. Huckabee refused to comment on whether this was that moment and referred the press to his previous comment.

In other words, all we need now is certain YouTube-type video footage, taken by Mike Huckabee, of certain acts involving certain senators and certain blonde lobbyists. Correction: we need the footage, and we need for it not to melt the eyeballs of everyone who looks at it.

Huckabee Defends McCain [Political Radar]


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