Dial Tone: Air America's Evan Cohen Found

Remember last week? Our most important concerns were Cindy Sheehan, Bush's approval rating and the MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF EVAN COHEN, co-founder of Air America and the nefarious principle in an elaborate scheme to defraud a children's charity in the name of liberal radio badness. The former board member's absence -- reported rather ominously in the NY Sun -- was raised by several blogs as yet another link in a damning chain of evidence against the network (though you'd think the programming would be enough). The shadiness of the situation even prompted Michelle Malkin to offer her services:

That is why I am volunteering to help Al Franken find the swindler and warn others about him. Free of charge. And I'm calling on my always curious, never bored, readers to fill the vacuum of outrage and join me in assisting The Search For Air America's Swindler.
Curiously, the blogosphere failed to turn up Cohen. Perhaps this is one of those cases where the MSM's immense resources just outstrip the scrappiness of independent bloggers. After all, big media have investigative funds, access to databases, international bureaus and. . . phones. John Cook, writing for Radar, reports that he spoke to Cohen, who listed in the New York and Hawaiian white pages and whose cell phone number hasn't changed in two years. However, Cook reports, "David Lombino, the New York Sun reporter who wrote the August 26 story, is missing. By which I mean to say that he did not respond to numerous phone messages and one e-mail request for comment."

Found in America [Radar]


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