Why the hell are we being subjected to this hot mess of a hearing starring the two women we hoped against hope would go away after 2016? Are there no actual issues that the House Judiciary Committee could be working on besides helping Diamond and Silk in their war with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg? Probably not.

Diamond and Silk, aka Lynette Hardaway (Diamond) and Rochelle Richardson (Silk), arrived on Capitol Hill to give testimony under oath about how they have been oppressed and silenced on social media. Apparently, in place of the endless War on Christmas that Trump triumphantly ended, we are now confronted with a new stupid imaginary war against Conservative Censorship. They say their Free Speech has been violated, and we say that we wish that were possible. We doubt they will ever attain silence.

Also, Democrats are meanies for not marching in the streets over the way Facebook violently attacked Diamond and Silk by changing its algorithm. And limiting their account. And Youtube are haters and demonetized their pro Trump jeremiad videos because they say Diamond and Silk do Hate Speech. You're playing with their money, Silicon Valley, and they will make you pay.

Richardson insisted if it were Black Lives Matter, Democrats would be marching in the streets and calling Mark Zuckerberg “all types of racists.” Perhaps Ms. Richardson needs to peruse the timelines of Black Democrats on Facebook and Twitter to see if she can count all the types of racists he gets called everyday. So many endless types!! He gets called many and more of them.

Obviously, them being "silenced" is a load of crap, since they constantly pop up randomly on Twitter feeds that seriously do not want them there. Also, they never go away. And? They lie. Too also in addition and? EVERYBODY has had their accounts "limited" on Facebook, because it decided being in the lie business after 2016 2017 part of 2018 was a bad look, so it just washed its hands of news and politics completely! EVERY NEWS PUBLISHER has seen their shit drop. (Wonkette's Facebook referrals have dropped by two-thirds since 2016! Luckily, we don't need ads and we still have YOU.)

But according to Ms. Hardaway, their Facebook account was limited for SIX MONTHS, 29 DAYS, FIVE HOURS, FORTY THREE MINUTES AND FORTY SECONDS!!! And Facebook never contacted them. Which was a lie since they CLEARLY CONTACTED HER ON TWITTER! Oh, the DRAMA! Here are our receipts.

Here they claim they have not been contacted.

Here is how we know they are lying.

It only took a few questions for them to lie unabashedly, with confident expressions and fearless hearts. It’s almost like one of the requirements for associating with Donald Trump is to lie your ass off until you get immunity from prosecution. You know, like Michael Flynn? Yeah. He’s still a felon, though. Maybe lying under oath is a bad idea? Diamond and Silk give no fucks about your fake news, aka facts, they decide what facts are for you.

What was the other question that was asked of the dubious duo that caused them to actually commit more perjury at Congressional Hearing?

“Have you ever been paid by the Trump Campaign?” (They were asked repeatedly.)

HOW FUCKING EASY WAS THAT QUESTION?! Easy enough to lie about. They said no. Repeatedly. Well, the one who did most of the talking said no and the other one agreed. They were both lying.

Apparently Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has a night job at the receipts factory, because he whipped out an FEC filing that clearly stated that they got paid $1274.94 for “field consulting.” And they did not appreciate getting caught lying at a Congressional hearing one bit!

Undaunted, they pressed forward on the attack, declaring, “We are familiar with that particular lie. We can see that you do fall for fake news." Did she really just say that? Oh, GOOD GRIEF! How is the paperwork filed by the Trump Campaign fake news? Is any news not fake? Are we ever going to fact again?

Ted Lieu did point out the most important fact of the hearing when he made this intelligent observation: “This is a stupid and ridiculous hearing.” We agree, Ted. Everything about this administration has been stupid and ridiculous. And Diamond and Silk are lying liars from the lie factory.

And now it is your OPEN THREAD.

[Daily Beast]

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