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More than 3100 people died of coronavirus yestertoday. Presumably you already knew that. What's that, it's one week after Thanksgiving, you say? Well nobody could have foreseen that.

Vaccine side effects supposed to be not so terrible after all, yay! (Washington Post)

A healthy young person who's been sick for eight months now has some GODDAMN THOUGHTS on it. — Buzzfeed News

Biden to ask very nicely that Americans wear masks for a hundred days, because of how he is a tyrant. (CBS)

You still can't make me watch it, and he doesn't matter anymore, but at least this is a very, very good hard news lede, only four years late.

Increasingly detached from reality, President Donald Trump stood before a White House lectern and delivered a 46-minute diatribe against the election results that produced a win for Democrat Joe Biden, unspooling one misstatement after another to back his baseless claim that he really won.


Oh no what if Trump's trip to Georgia "for" the Republican Senate candidates is ... unhelpful? (Politico)

DOJ kicked out Trump's spy/White House liaison/former Stephen Miller immigration acolyte for being a big buttinsky, like, kicked her out the building, so sad. (AP)

Republicans now want norms and civility, are they actually psychopaths? Spoiler, etc. — Digby at Salon

This guy whose ballot fraud claims are impossible to follow — he drove a truck with ballots with addresses on them? like I said — is a former drug addict who did time for forgery, and the former AG who introduced him got disbarred for perjury, but he left out the part about the multiple ghosts. So that's a good story! — Daily Beast

Here's some more crooked Florida Republican bullshit, a good deep dive into these fake candidates meant to pull "progressives" away from Dems by featuring "no-party" candidates who sort of exist and are bankrolled (seemingly illegally) by shady GOPers and shell corporations. (Miami Herald)

And here's some crooked Hawaii (!) Democratic (!!) bullshit, a shocking tale of not voter fraud but just the regular kind, with two Native Hawaiian public officials just stealing things the old fashioned way: defrauding your grandmother out of her house, framing your uncle for it, and somehow getting the Honolulu US Attorney's Office to prosecute him by faking what kind of mailbox you had to bump up the cost to a felony. My goodness, don't do that! — Washington Post

If you are still arguing in the comments that eliminating student loan debt is regressive, or all goes to rich or white people, or anything of the sort, here are some more stats about why you are wrong, but you keep not reading the actual facts anyway, so. (Michael Hiltzik, LA Times)

Fabulous Noah Smith post about actually reforming the police. Did you know that almost 10 percent of violent deaths in the US are committed by police officers? I didn't. Anyway, they've been running riot, and these are a couple of good ideas to implement, regardless of whether you're in a tizzy about the slogan "Defund the Police" or not. (Neither Smith nor I are, but good people can disagree about the verbiage, it's fine.) — Noahpinion

Samuel Little killed sexworkers for decades, kept getting arrested like at the scene of the crime, and kept beating the rap because "sexworkers." Cops tried to put him away, over and over, and the FBI kept not picking up. This is harrowing. (Washington Post Part One / Part Two)

Do you want to give some tax-free moneys to these untaxed "charity" hate groups? No? You are mean. — CBS

A couple of stealth climate bills that Mitch McConnell might not even block. (Grist)

Shyyyyy, hot cocoa "charcuterie" boards. — Food and Wine

Nobody here even really likes cocoa. DON'T CARE.

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