1,000-mile stare - WonketteThe people of Louisiana have a message for the sex-criminal and unresigned Senator David Vitter: "What a liar. THE PROSTITUTE HAS COME FORWARD IN NEW ORLEANS -- YOU PATHETIC LIAR. You need to step down NOW!!"

Here are some other special comments left by Louisiana voters after Diaperman's crazy wife yelled at everybody on the teevee yesterday while he cowered in the corner:

* Does this mean you won't come and visit me anymore? What am I supposed to do with all these diapers?

* Wendy Vitter should receive an Oscar. She, David and the Louisiana GOP planned this conference for a week. And that her husband has to hide behind her skirt is telling. these people are political operatives, and they cannot be trusted. David should resign, for he will have no clout in Washington, DC. He is officially useless, and he should do us all a favor and resign.

* Foti is a great senator ... for me to poop on!!!!

* The problem is that now he is useless to Louisiana, just as Jefferson is. He has no persuasive powers and his party wants to distance itself from him. He has no ability for bi-partisan consensus building. He is returning to the Senate because he has no job, not because this is a best thing for Louisiana.

* Resign and do the honorable thing. You will be a laughing stock in DC; the butt of cloak room jokes. And Louisiana will suffer. What a selfish little perverse power hungry man.

* Spare no pity for Mrs. Vitter. Her vicious comments in the past about the Clintons showed her true spirit. And now she stands by her man. Oh please, that makes her no better than her lying, cheating, whoring husband. What a vulgar couple. They are perfect for each other.

* Resign diaper boy! You're unfit for office. You're unfit to represent American citizens.

* Oh yeah, and maybe he shouldn't be so quick to deny the New Orleans allegations. There just may be some photos out there somewhere that people have been holding onto just waiting for the right time. I'm thinking it's gonna be REALLY soon! We'll see!

* Resign David. Louisiana does not need the huge distraction of your law breaking hypocrisy and cannot afford the indulgence of keeping you in Washington. Look at how all your Republican buddies rallied around you at your press conference. Where were they? Behind the curtain? Do you think the Dems and independents are going to be more supportive than your own party? Dream on.

* Paying for sex is not just a "sin." It is a crime in Washington, D.C. and it is a crime in Louisiana. I am not interested in Senator Vitter's relationship with God or with his wife. Those are indeed private matters. However, as a voter, I do have an interest in being represented by a lawmaker who obeys the law. A criminal doesn't get to say, "Well, Jesus forgives me," and get a pass on breaking the law. Vitter should do the decent thing and resign. How dare he propose or vote on legislation that affects people's families when he doesn't obey the law on these matters himself.

* Nothing but a perverted hypocrite piece of garbage.. to hell with his party affiliation.. this "man" is a piece of trash as is his hypocrite b**** wife too. They deserve the hell they are now in.

* I am frightened to admit that Vitter reminds me of the pedophiles I have worked with in the past. He will admit one small error and by omission, not discuss the biggies.

* Vitter is a sex criminal. Like most sex criminals, he does not admit that his illegal activities are a crime. His wife, a former attorney and prosecutor (!), blames the media for reporting the fact that her husband is a sex criminal. If she had encountered him in court when she was a prosecutor, she would have instead argued that he needed to go to jail.

* What a half-baked, cowardly response from this scum-sucking liar. He's not man enough to provide any specifics on what laws he broke, how many times he broke the law, nor does he apologize for breaking the law at all--just more sappy Me 'N Wendy 'N God.

* I'm a rightwinger and I don't care if he stays or goes. Just quit hiding behind his wife's skirt. Everytime a pol, coach or public official commits an oops, he drags his wife on stage. He's the one that screwed up, face the music by himself. I don't want to hear from the wife or see the wife.

* Vitter is FRESHMAN Senator with 3 years and crud voting record for LA. Getting rid of his marginalized, worthless carcass is the best thing LA. can do for itself now. Jefferson, too.

* I wouldn't give a damn about his sex life, even if it was a crime, if he wasn't such a sanctimonious little bastard who was constantly preaching family values and intolerance.


* Now now Wendy, must you join the Clinton Club by staying with your cheating husband who clearly fooled around behind your back? Don't you know that your husband's "escort" was a $2.00 hooker!- or did you think that it's better than some office girl on her knees. I hope he didnt spend too much of Louisiana's tax money on her.... Oh yeah- he must have been thinking of you while getting his money worth in DC. While you were at home trying to look good for the media "with your kids". We all know the nannies take care of the kids -not you... I guess that you are trying to keep the image of a happy family so that your wonderful cheatin husband can TRY to run for a higher office that so many are trying to get since Blanco is leaving. Such a shame that a such a woman who is "proud to be Wendy Vitter" cant stand up for herself and kick his butt to the curb. By the way, I'm sure that if you did - you would still get alimony and child support to pay the nannies to watch your kids.........


Washington office: 202-224-4623

Lafayette office: 337-262-6898

Vitter re-emerges and asks for forgiveness [NOLA.com]


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