Dick Cheney Endorses Marco Rubio, Grunts At Charlie Crist

Proving once again that Dick Cheney only likes gay people if their last name is "Cheney," the evil heart monster emerged from his Northern Virginia abattoir today to endorse Floridian wingnut Marco Rubio's Senate primary run against Republican Charlie Crist. The Rubio-Teabagger campaign released a statement from Cheney calling Crist -- again, the Republican governor of Florida -- a common Barack Obama supporter. "Lately it seems Charlie Crist cannot be trusted even to remain a Republican," Cheney grunted. "I strongly urge him to either stay in the Republican primary or drop out of the race."

Meanwhile, Rubio is the target of three separate federal investigations by the U.S. Attorney's office, the FBI and the IRS.

Congressman Kendrick Meek, who happens to be black, is the presumed Democrat who will face Rubio and/or Crist in November -- and if it's Crist vs. Rubio in the general, Meek has the lead. Ha ha, won't be any racial dynamic to *that* race. [Reuters/AP]


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