Dick Cheney Enjoys Movie About Evil Oil Business

This week, Trent Lott, BJ Novak, Gen. George Casey and Dick Cheney were all spotted being various degrees of famous-for-D.C. at various places by our spies and operatives. Voyeuristic fun, as always, is after the jump.

Seen someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd."

* Over the past month I've spotted former Senator Lott two or three times in the food court of National Place (13th & F NW) eating lunch. Just saw him today, and he definitely sticks out among the crowd of mid-level bureaucrats and office occupants that normally eat there. I've heard that he's been seen there meeting with his new partner, Senator Breaux.

*BJ Novak at Tryst in Adams Morgan on Friday afternoon around 1 pm with a couple friends.

* Now, I don't normally consider seeing a famous or infamous person in a congressional office building Wonk'd-worthy, but former Iraq commander and current Army grand poobah General George Casey (with full entourage and honor guard) waltzing into Dirksen after 5:30 p.m. seemed an oddity worthy of note. Also, he is very tiny.

* I saw There Will Be Blood at the Georgetown Loews last night. It's a film about oil, evil, greed, and hypocrisy. So who else was in our theater but Dick Cheney. I wonder if watching Daniel Plainview was like looking into a mirror...


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