Dick Cheney: He'll Be Here All Administration

what a smile!The Weekly Standard has "maintained" a copy of Dick Cheney's Gridiron dinner remarks. Funny, that. Who would guess that the magazine whose editorial board helped shaped our foreign policy could possibly have access. . . Hey, wait a minute. . .

But seriously, folks: Cheney's routine was as fresh as Senate bean soup and proved that if there is a link from this administration to the neocons, it's via Henny Youngman.

    Lots of familiar faces here tonight. I always feel a genuine bond whenever I see Senator Clinton. She's the only person who's the center of more conspiracy theories than I am. . . . I thought you might have come up with some new questions by now. And I have here some cards on which you have done just that. . . .

    Dave Broder: "How would you accurately describe your role in this administration? Be honest."

    I would say that I am a dark, insidious force pushing Bush toward war and confrontation. . . .

It's funny because it's true!

Dick Cheney's Gridiron Remarks [WeeklyStandard.com]

D.C. Insiders Ham It Up at Gridiron [AP/Yahoo]


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