Dick Cheney Not Going to Be Forced to Flee the Country... Yet

Just in case you accidentally had some remaining interest in the Scooter Libby trial, the defense has decided to ensure that it stops here: Neither Scooter nor Dick Cheney will be testifying.

So the defense will probably conclude tomorrow, having done not much of anything to prove their brilliant "Scooter has a really bad memory when it comes to perjury" argument.

This most entertaining part of today's testimony was Jill Abramson talking about Judy Miller:

Perhaps, a prosecutor suggested, Ms. Abramson didn't recall the conversation with Ms. Miller because she had "tuned her out."

"It's possible that I occasionally tuned her out," Ms. Abramson said.

That shoulda been Scooter's defense! He was trying to forget the entire meeting 'cause Judy's such a bitch!

Libby's Lawyers Say They Won't Ask Cheney to Testify [NYT]


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