Dick Cheney Thanks Obama For Letting Him Outlive Bin Laden


Dick Cheney said something nice about Barack Obama, you guys! "The administration clearly deserves credit for the success of the operation," he said. "We all owe him the same sense of satisfaction that I'm sure they feel." Where is all the vitriol? Where is the hatred spewing from this man's legally dead heart? Dick Cheney has learned to love. Which means he will die soon, as hatred for the living was the only thing keeping him sort of alive.

Dick Cheney did not care how many people he had to torture or kill, legally or illegally, rightly or wrongly, to get the heads of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Now they're both gone. Who's he supposed to devote his life to murdering, Kim Jong-il? Please. That can't sustain him. The only thing fueling his body was unadulterated, underworldly spite, and now he can't even find it in himself to hate that black guy who took his lackey's job.

Remember when Dick Cheney called Barack Obama a terrorist-loving pussy who would never do anything for the evil man's "War on Terror"? Well, Barry killed Osama, and Cheney didn't. And the old monster will soon die knowing that the fruity hope Negro beat him at his own game. [ABC News]


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