Dick Cheney To Help Fred Thompson Pick Running Mate

The Fred Thompson lint roller has picked up even more Bush-Cheney insiders, including Cheney's non-lesbian daughter and Middle East fucker-upper Liz Cheney. Joel Shin -- "a top policy staffer on George W. Bush's presidential campaign in 2000" -- and Bill Frist foreign-affairs guy Mark Esper have also joined the not-quite-official Thompson campaign.

With a whole bunch of Bush-Cheney criminals and idiots already aboard, Fred Thompson is all set to be Dick Cheney's next president. Two grumpy old baldheaded fascists for the price of one!

So, America, enjoy the next seventeen months of kabuki or bukkake or whatever. None of it matters. On November 5 or whenever the Supreme Court makes the final decision, you will either get another eight years of Cheney or another eight years of Clinton.

Hawks for Thompson [Weekly Standard]

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