Dick Cheney's Persian Gulf 'Fishing Trip' Will Launch Iran War

ChumWhile some people "stuck in the past" are protesting the Iraq War's Fifth Birthday today, Dick Cheney is always thinking about the future -- specifically, he's thinking about how he can personally start a war with Iran. And he's not just sitting in his Naval Observatory lair dreaming up horrible schemes. Dick Cheney is actually in the Persian Gulf right now, on some Sultan's super-luxury yacht. You know, for a "fishing trip."

The 60-foot-long pleasure ship is owned by the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said, who stole the craft from Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatoinne. Cheney is there with his charming wife/daughter, Lynne/Liz, and is deliberately provoking the Iranians by "fishing" in Gulf waters just a hundred miles from the site of a January make-believe showdown between some Iranian speedboats, a U.S. Navy ship and the "Filipino Monkey."

Oman is paid a fortune by Washington to house four U.S. military bases on its land, including one just 50 miles from the Iranian border. Despite having no support for an attack on Iran -- except from John McCain -- Dick Cheney is determined to strike in Iran, with intelligence estimates suggesting he will use airplanes to hit Iranian military targets.

Cheney Goes Fishing In Gulf Of Oman [Washington Post]


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