Dick Cheney's Xmas House of Horrors

Death to America! - WonketteHere's a double-breaking update to this morning's outrage at the Vice President's Official Residence:

I read the piece on the dead deer in front of the Naval Observatory. I saw it too. I was walking to work and tried my best to look away. It is a mystery why it was there so long. Wouldn't the Secret Service have removed it? Sorry I didn't get a picture.
Yeah, we're sorry too! More intrigue, after the jump.

There's a Wonkette operative in a nearby undisclosed location who has sent us pics of living deer in Cheney's yard. Where is he/she today?

Also, another Wonkette Op reports the following weirdness from earlier this morning:

Saw a firetruck and ambulance on the grounds of the Naval Observatory at 7:30 this morning. Alas, about 10 minutes later the veep entourage, complete with him and his body double, did its usual screeching trip down 23rd. The big tent is gone, btw.
We'd forgotten about that mysterious Big White Tent, but now we suspect it's where Mary Cheney was impregnated, by The Devil and before an elite audience of defense contractors, Saudi royals and a choir of minion-trolls.

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