Dick Morris Is/Isn't DC Madam Client, Still a Dick

Scumbag & Wife - WonketteToe-sucking whore renter Dick Morris has apparently denied being a client of DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey's prostitution service, according to an AP correction:

In a March 9 story about a former escort service owner pleading not guilty to racketeering, The Associated Press erroneously reported that political consultant Dick Morris acknowledged being a client. Morris said the claim is "totally untrue." A corrected version appears below.
But Palfrey says -- in a letter posted today on WTOP's website -- that Morris repeatedly admitted to being a client. Where did he do the admitting? Palfrey says "on numerous occasions on national television, in 1996."

Help us, oh YouTube, you are our only hope.

Madam Responds to WTOP [WTOP]

Correction: March 9 escort list story [AP]


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