Dickcember Wind Is Picking Up

This is your face. This is your face in a mug shotIn 2003, Jeffrey Ray Nielsen here was arrested in California for having sex with a 14 year-old boy he met online when he was 33. Of course, he met him online when he was employed at a prominent law firm that agreed to hire him as a favor to the current head of the Orange County Republican Party, Scott Baugh. Yes, that's right, it's time for another Republican child sex scandal!

In the 4 years it took the case to come to trial (and after the mistrial earlier this year), it turns out that not only did Nielsen fuck a 14 year-old in California while under the big, protective wing of Scott Baugh, he fucked a 13 year-old back here in NoVa when he was working for nutjob right-wing Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Jeffrey Ray obviously has a type (and it's far too young and very, very creepy)! Only, while the sex with the 14 year-old in California was consensual (according to the boy), the sexual contact with the 13 year-old (from whose parents Jeffrey Ray rented a basement apartment) was, well, sorta not.

Yesterday, Jeffrey Ray pleaded guilty in California to two felony sex charges (a nice reduction from the 16 felony counts he had originally faced). He received 3 years in the clink, but will spend the first 12 weeks of that in a sex offender facility. Oh, and his momma cried in court. That would almost make me feel bad, except for the whole part where he molested (at least) two other women's sons, at which point I sorta don't care.

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