Did General Petraeus 'Tap Toes In The Barracks Bathroom'?

Here's the latest from Rudy Giuliani's beloved viral-video guy -- not his finest moment, but on Petraeus Day we'll post anything about Petraeus except for anything substantive about his bullshit "My Summer Vacation" report, which is, of course, complete bullshit that should be utterly ignored. And how did we return to the mid-1800s, when we had to wait for months for someone to travel from overseas and give a presentation, anyway? Last we heard, our society had airplanes and satellites and video conferencing -- not to mention the fact that Petraeus has been flying back and forth to D.C. all freaking summer. And when did presidents start taking orders from a freaking army officer? Last we heard, the president told the army what to do, not the other way around. Anyway, let's all remember this holy day when the eighth or ninth army commander in Iraq said some crap on Capitol Hill that he was told to say by the White House.

Petraeus Report to Congress (with Rudy Giuliani's response) [YouTube]


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