Did Hillary Clinton Really 'Shake Hands' With MLK When She Was 14?

Bono lies.Hillary Clinton just gave a speech exploiting the assassination of MLK somberly remembering the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and she added a (new to us) detail: Hillary claims she saw the Reverend King speak and even shook his hand, when she was 14 years old. Wonkette operatives "Gary & Marilyn" ask, "Doesn't her attendance at such an event sound unlikely for a Goldwater Girl? I can't find my copy of her autobiography, think that would have been a memorable event she would have written about at the time ... so I'm putting this in your capable fact-checkers' hands."

Our fact-checkers are, of course, you nice people screwing around on the Internets instead of doing your actual work at the office. So, loyal and smart Operatives, get to work! Fill the comments with Research, Video, and dumb jokes. Your country thanks you, and Dr. King's ghost thanks you.


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