Did Hillary 'Hit It Out Of The Park'?


Of course not, because the Pepsi Center is an enclosed sports arena! But she did give a speech, and she seems to endorse that young fellow from Communist Egypt. We did liveblogging from the DNC -- here's Part I and Part II -- and now brave Jim and Sara will spend nine hours trying to get out of the Security City and find some parties. Your editor will liveblog the response!

9:14 PM -- Anderson Cooper: "It got this crowd out of their seats!"

9:16 PM -- Everybody on CNN: "She must be the vice president, why didn't Obama pick her?!"

9:17 PM -- David Gergen: "Twin Cities Joke! That was well done!" Chuckle. "Her finest hour. So unselfish."

9:18 PM -- So she is great because she was finally unselfish and finally thought about the party and the, uh, country, instead of just the Clintons. Yayy!

9:19 PM -- Candy Crowley: "This is the woman who delivers when she needs to. She's a clutch player." She's Robert Horry!

9:22 PM -- Weeping Hillary Nut on the floor says she will vote for Clinton. Will Obama do something to convince this weeping liberal black woman that maybe he should get her vote? Jesus fucking christ. (UPDATE: Check her out.)

9:23 PM -- We should note that the convention floor is totally empty now, so this weeping nut is probably not the, er, typical Hillary supporter.

9:24 PM -- Sad gay saxophone music plays as she weeps and complains.

9:25 PM -- Okay lady we need to move on here or switch to MSNBC.

9:28 PM -- James Carville: "Major league fastball," "best speech of her career," etc.

9:32 PM -- MSNBC now, with orange Brian Williams, talking about orange Hillary Clinton.

9:34 PM -- Brokaw: "Did what she had to."

9:35 PM -- Sorry your editor is not funny, but he is boiling with fever and close to death.

9:36 PM -- Barack called from another one of his other families' houses, in Montana this time, and he loved the speech. Well sure.

9:39 PM -- And now Brokaw's just going on with a sad list of terrible things -- wars without end, economic collapse, national decline, etc. Why does he hate America?

9:40 PM -- Chris Matthews is wondering if older women like himself will really get their ass kissed by Barack.

9:46 PM -- Good night, everybody! See you in Hell!


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