Did Obama Murder This Oklahoma Congressional Candidate Last Night? Probably

So far, nobody's calling it a conspiracy, but it's the only reasonable conclusion: just days before the election, a nice old man running for Congress died after being hit by a car, and you just know that Obama had to be involved. Earl Emmitt Everett, 81, a retired teacher and Korean War vet, died Sunday after being critically injured in an "accident" Friday. He'd been running a "decided underdog" campaign against Oklahoma Republican Markwayne Mullin, and ... oh, Everett was a Democrat? Never mind then. Just an accident.

Considering Markwayne Mullin's strong bid last year for Wonkette's coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award -- he complained that he saw a "physically fit" couple buying food with food stamps, and worried that a higher minimum wage would result in $20 anus burgers -- we're surprised that Mullin didn't blame Everett's death on Obamacare.

[Associated Press / CBS News]

Doktor Zoom

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