Did Obama Pick ... Lincoln Chaffee?


Wonkette operative "Basart" just sent iron-clad evidence supporting his completely made-up theory that Lincoln "Rhode Island Red" Chaffee will be Barack's challenging independent vice president -- our new LBJ! The list is sure to surprise/confound you.

1. Independent

2. "Strengthen the economy." He used to be a blacksmith. When all the oil is gone, and we return to horse-drawn carriages, he will take over the blacksmith/iron industries and the government will reap the rewards.

3. Chaffee is from Rhode Island. So is Sara Smith.

4. "Lincoln," duh. He's on the penny! Which is money! IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID.

5. Plus he's a total Democrat.

EARLIER:Lincoln Chaffee Might Vote For Obama!


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