Did Ron Paul Force Mitt Romney To Quit Race?

Freedom Haterz, Unite!Here is your Friday Recipe For Laughs: Take one sly LA Times political item that dryly suggests Ron Paul's primary failures somehow scared Mitt Romney out of the campaign, let sit on the Internet for a few minutes, and then add the comments of hundreds of irony-deprived Paultards who think he's serious.

Under the absurd headline Ron Paul forces Mitt Romney out of the GOP race, the LAT's Andrew Malcolm makes the straight-faced claim that Dr. Congressman Paul forced not just Romney out of the race, but also scared off Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani and every other Republican quitter.

It ends like this:

According to an authoritative Ron Paul campaign news release, with all of his accumulated fifth, fourth, third and second places, Paul claims to have 42 delegates to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul come September.

That puts him only about 660 delegates behind McCain and barely 1,149 shy of the number necessary to seize the party nomination in the name of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Not even the clever insertion of many obvious lies -- CNN has never mentioned Ron Paul, for instance -- could stop the deliriously happy Paultards from rushing to thank the LA Times for finally learning about Freedom.

* Good article. I thought the most interesting part was the title. Go Ron Paul!

* What?! This is a real article? Are you sure the LA Times Blog hasn't been hijacked? Great article. As I turn on the network news today and not hear a peep about Ron, I will at least know that there is still one true journalist out there that is not listening to his/her marching orders to "blackout" Ron Paul.

* Thanks - great article! We are collecting links to articles like yours at www.WhatTheySayAboutRonPaul.com for all the latest reporting about Ron Paul.

* Bless you Malcolm, you have been a friend to the rEVOLution for some time. We thank you for showing us some love and not siding with those who would tell us what to think.


* How refreshing it is to see not all of the reporters and main stream media has lost its sense of values and patriotism. Excellent article sir. If I had 3 thumbs they would go WAY UP.

Ha ha, we bet you do have three thumbs, Mr. Paultard!

Ron Paul forces Mitt Romney out of the GOP race [LA Times]


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