A visiting assistant anthropology professor at upstate New York's Binghamton University may have found the actual "teeth of Jesus" in a prehistoric Israeli cave, experts say.

If Jesus was truly alive between 200,000 and 400,000 years ago, it is possible that the eight teeth discovered in Qesem Cave might be the actual "teeth of the Lord."

The Star-Gazette reports:

The teeth are providing researchers with new information about the earlier occupants of this region that for millennia has been a crossroads for animal and human migration in, and out, of Africa, the BU faculty member said.

The teeth also present new evidence as to where modern man might have originated, a release from the university said. If the remains from Qesem can be directly linked to Homo sapiens species, it could mean modern man either originated in what is now Israel, or migrated out of Africa far earlier than presently accepted, the release said.

In other words, it is entirely possible that the teeth belong to Jesus Christ, one of the most famous Israelis. Other famous Israelis include Oscar™ winner Natalie Portman, star of The Phantom Menace.

It is unknown whether the historical Jesus actually had teeth. [Star Gazette]


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