Did These 15 Things Actually Happen In 'Grease' Or Am I Making Them Up? Tabs, Wed., May 6, 2020

Did These 15 Things Actually Happen In 'Grease' Or Am I Making Them Up? Tabs, Wed., May 6, 2020

Americans do not want to reopen America, Trump, maybe somebody in the White House could suggest extending unemployment benefits, would that fucking kill them? (Washington Post)

I don't understand how Hillstone Restaurant Group (Houston's) can demand its workers not wear masks. This is actual insanity and it has to be against the law. (CBS)

Evan linked to this weekend WaPo already, but set an hour aside and do whatever the opposite of "revel" is in these dumb fucking pigmen killing all of us. Here's just one. It's one of a thousand.

Day after day, [Pence's chief of staff Marc] Short pressed other officials to reopen the entire country, encouraging more risks to get the economy humming again. Short succeeded in pushing for Trump to resume travel, as Pence had done, over the objections of some officials, who argued that leaving Washington endangers the principals and their staffs. Trump plans to visit a mask manufacturing plant in Arizona on Tuesday.

Short aligned with Hassett, Kushner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, among others, who shared the belief that the economy had been shut down for long enough. A former senior administration official briefed on the internal dynamics described the consensus mind-set among this bloc as believing health officials were "like the school nurse trying to tell the principal how to run the school."

Washington Post

Kushner's volunteer PPE sourcing brigade means well, has no idea what the fuck it's doing. (WaPo) Or the New York Times has more details. (NYT)

This is an extremely upsetting story about two white Georgians shooting a young black man out for a jog in his neighborhood. I have seen the video on Twitter, it is more upsetting. (NYT)

Let's rebound a small bit with some The Ethicist, whose jib of which I like the cut. (NYT)

Oh NOW my favorite twitter account tells me! We looked at decks YESTERDAY!

Well, guess we better look at 1027 more! (Pinterest)

Should you use one of your Atlantic posts to read Caitlin Flanagan on having cancer under a Trump pandemic? Even though she once bagged on *school fucking gardens* and you (I) have been very mad at her in the past? Oh, yes. — Atlantic

The President Is Unraveling. Should you use one of your Atlantic posts on this Pete Wehner column? Only if you want to, you know most of it already. (Atlantic)

The plan is there is no plan. Well ... yeah. — Jay Rosen at Press Think

Solid dude Tim Bray quit Amazon over its gross and possibly illegal union-organizer firings. (TechDirt)

We need to rethink nursing homes, says The Week. Okay!

Who are these marvelous pre-women? Sound on please, so happy!

Constant burping and farting? Let's ask google!

Jessa Crispin is hilarious and lightly mean in this review of some romancey thing I have neither seen nor read, Normal People, which is not Ordinary People. You will presumably enjoy it too! (Guardian)

Well I guess these waterfalls are fine. (Narcity)

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