Did Wingnut Joseph Farah Announce Himself As Inaugural Prayer Breakfast's Honored Guest? Probably, Sure, Why Not


Nowhere in thischarming Media Matters story about the right-wing Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast denying that WND founder and noted sane person Joseph Farah is either an invited speaker or honored guest does it come right out and say that Joseph Farah was the one who announced himself as the invited speaker/honored guest. So we will just have to do it for them.

Rev. Merrie Turner, the conservative pastor who is hosting the event and says she has done so since 1993, told Media Matters, "It is against my beliefs to be openly targeting someone like the president of our country, we have enough enemies outside the country."

Turner said Farah's name had been wrongly listed among the speakers headlining the January 21 event and would be removed: "It was incorrectly picked up by our staff, I am going to be correcting that." Farah's website had also reported that he was a "distinguished guest" who was "scheduled to appear at the breakfast to lead prayers for the nation."

But where could everyone have gotten the idea? Could it have been from Farah himself? You do not have to be Joseph Farah to connect the dots between Obama gay-marrying Islam Obama setting the inauguration for MLK's birthday so blacks could riot a poem about figs and apes proving Obama hates Jews Farah, WND, a WND article, and Farah ending up on a list of featured guests and speakers. Oh, oh yes. The call is coming from inside the website!

"He was not invited to be involved. He had permission to write an article about it and it's gone much further than that. That was the initial intent, I never met him before and I didn't know anything about his efforts," Rev. Turner added. [...]

Asked if she will seek to keep Farah from being among the official speakers, Turner said, "Absolutely, this is not going to by any means be an event for anything being said negative about the president, that will not be allowed."

Turner said that Farah had initially been in touch with the prayer breakfast organizers to write an article about the event for WorldNetDaily focused on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who is listed as the event's keynote speaker. [...]

A WND article about the event published earlier this week discussed Cahn's involvement and included multiple links to WND's bookstore selling Cahn's book. While Turner said that Farah was never intended to have a lead role at the event, the WND article also listed Farah as a "featured guest" and among those who would appear at the breakfast to lead prayers for the nation:

Other distinguished guests - including Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Dr. Pat Robertson, Jan Crouch, Pat Boone, WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah, Rosemary Schindler, Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., and others - are also scheduled to appear at the breakfast to lead prayers for the nation.

"The fact that [Farah] actually ended up on some of the literature so far was not run by me, it was, it came through Mr. Cahn, who is his friend," Turner explained. "He is not on the speakers bureau... it was an error."

Turner stressed that Farah or anyone who pays the $50 fee is invited to attend.

Surely some of our Wonker brethren are also possessed of $50, are located in or near DC, and would like to attend? Let us know, so we may announce you as the Prayer Breakfast's official Imam. In fact, fuck those small potatoes. Let us know if you are the real inauguration's new benediction guy. We'll make sure the word is out.


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