Did Wonkette Out Wyoming Senator John Barrasso In 2008? Maybe, We Cannot Tell!

Did Wonkette Out Wyoming Senator John Barrasso In 2008? Maybe, We Cannot Tell!

Word comes thatMike Rogers has outed another sad closet case, this time Wyoming's junior senator, John Barrasso. So we did some journalism, by which we mean we typed "John Barrasso" into our Wonket search box to see if we had ever had any inkling if Senator Barrasso might have accidentally contracted the gheigh from sitting next to Larry Craig on the bus. And you know what? We think we might have! We cannot tell! Please to make some swooshy (swishy?) lines in front of your face as we travel back in time to the mist-swirled prehistory of 2008! "Larry Craig Is Senate Bottom"? This sounds promising!

Tell us more, much-missed Sara K. Smith!

Beloved commenter Botswana Meat Commission FC brings our attention to this “Power Ranking” thingum, which offers definitive proof that Senator Craig has about as much legislative pull as the Fraggles who are illegally beamed down from space every night to lick clean the elevator buttons in the Capitol. The only loser more pathetic than Craig is John Barrasso, the freshman senator from Wyoming. What is he hiding?

What do you guys think? Was Sara K. Smith cleverly intimating that she knew all about John Barrasso loving to do sex in men's bottoms, like we used to cleverly do about David Dreier all the time, until all the fun was sucked out of it by him actually getting outed? Or did she just get oddly lucky? (Like John Barrasso allegedly does, in men's bottoms!) We honestly can't tell!

[TheNewCivilRightsMovement / Wonket]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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