Did Yo Yo Ma Make Barack Obama's 'Inauguration' Illegitimate, Also?


Look. We all know that Barack Obama is not an American human anyway, so he'll never *really* be president if you care about, oh we don't know, FACTS. But the sheeple have accepted him and so we must find other "mainstream" ways to have him ousted from office, at which point Ron Paul's reign will finally be recognized for eternity and he will give us all Gold. The "flubbed oath" thing seemed like a good angle -- clearly John Roberts was trying to tell us something about this man -- but then Nobama's goons eliminated that. So here's the latest thing we'll try: it turns out that the "live music" performed at Inauguration by Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlmanwas in fact recorded, because they were worried their precious fingers would freeze and they'd screw up. And now Obama's not president!

Did you know that in the Thirteenth Amendment, right after the part that ends slavery, there's a clause that says black presidents must be serenaded by an Asian and a Jew with "live performances?" MMHMM. Soon. Soon the sheeple shall understand.

The Frigid Fingers Were Live, but the Music Wasn’t [NYT]


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