Did You Know The Clintons Were Always Threatening To Murder Linda Tripp? It Is Probably 'True'


also if you watch this haunted videotape you will die by morning In Wonket pal Larry Klayman's latest column, "Obama's Mein Kampf," which is otherwise filled with his usual ramblings about how "the Muslim megalomaniac" Barack Obama is trying to put all the white people in prison to get reparations for the Negro Man -- seriously, Larry Klayman writes about this pretty much every week -- Klayman drops some knowledge that we feel like we really should have known about before! Did you know that Bill and Hillary Clinton, in addition to murdering all the people, had their "henchmen" leave lists of murdered witnesses on Linda Tripp's chair? (Linda Tripp, children, was a lady who "befriended" a young White House intern named "Monica Lewinsky" and then secretly tape recorded her gushing about her cigar-diddling by love affair with the "president," "Bill Clinton." This caused a bit of a hullabaloo!) We mean, obviously you knew that the Clintons murdered all the people, that is just Science Fact, because of how gay lesbian Hillary Clinton kept having affairs with men and then doing the murder. But the lists, and the office chair, and the not-so-subtle murder threats. What we don't get is: why bother to try to intimidate Linda Tripp with a list of murderees? Why not just, you know, murder her?

The column is ostensibly about Obama's NSA abuses, regarding which

perhaps it was Obama's bigoted remarks after the George Zimmerman trial – where he effectively rejected the jury's verdict of not guilty with a statement that he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago – that truly unmasked his hateful intentions to make "whitey" and the others pay back "his people" for prior discrimination. And, indeed, this is what is at the heart of NSA-gate; a means to keep whitey and whitey's allies down as Obama dismantles and deconstructs the nation by having them pay their "fair share" in reparations.

This is of course weird, as we specifically remember the president saying that the jury had spoken and that as Americans we abide by the rulings of the criminal justice system. But, you know, six of one robot taco death march of another.

But that is beside the point, which is what the fuck Hillary Clinton!

Indeed, during the Clinton years, while Bill and Hillary vociferously disclaimed any role in the deaths of more than 80 key witnesses and others with some involvement in their myriad of scandals, they were happy to have their henchmen leave a list of these dead persons on the office chairs of inconveniently "alive" witnesses like Linda Tripp and other White House whistleblowers, who had the goods on their various crimes.

Yes, that is indeed inconvenient that Linda Tripp and other witnesses were still alive. It rather makes you doubt whether the Bloody Butcher of Rose Law Firm was even good at butchering people! Like, how can we let her president us if she was so bumbling and fumbling, like a Mr. Bean ... OF MURDER.

[RenewAmerica, via RightWingWatch]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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