Dim Sum and Dungeons To Eat It In


Wednesday, November 4: If you are even remotely considering cooking for Thanksgiving, we highly, highly recommend attending the Thanksgiving-themed cooking classes at Zola Wine & Kitchen. Shelling out a few extra bucks to learn how to make a turkey is a much better idea than serving a burnt, inedible one on Thanksgiving. [Zola Wine & Kitchen]

  • Friday, November 6: Hugo Chavez may be the worst President ever, but his country does at least have excellent food and music. Tuscana West is hosting "Fiesta Fridays," and this Friday it's all about the music, drinks, and food of Venezuela. Admission is free until Midnight. [Fiesta Fridays]
  • New Food: It's just what we've been waiting for: Another small plates wine bar/lounge with a swanky name -- The Reserve -- has opened in DC. Hooray for more of the same! The best part? According to Washingtonian, it's a "plush, intimate dungeon." [The Reserve]
  • Food To Look Forward To: Get ready for dim sum in the District. Ping Pong Dim Sum is slated to open in early December, and it will offer 30,000 fresh dim sum dishes, which is... perhaps too much dim sum. [Ping Pong Dim Sum]

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