Dinesh D'Souza Parodied Obama's Ferns Video. Remember, Satire Doesn't Have To Be Funny.


Oh, look! Patronizing scold Dinesh D'Souza has branched out from just yammering about how Barack Hussein Obama is the worst, most un-American president ever, and now he's made a video parody of that "Between All the Ferns On Zack Galifianakis's Lap" video that Barry was in. And he sure hopes it goes viral! It's full of hip humor, like how in the corner, instead of "Funny or Die," it says "Live Free Or Die"! And D'Souza, the scholarly non-scholar who knows all about high-minded things like Liberty and the Constitution, gives us a master class in conservative satire, cleverly repurposing Obama's lines in the original, funny interview so that they can be turned against the anticolonial ideologue in this bravely non-funny parody.

Somewhere out there, there have to be some funny conservatives. But Dinesh D'Souza is not one of them. God knows he tries, though. How about when he mutters, in an aside to the camera: "OK -- Emperor has no clothes." Aww, Barry, YA BURNT! As proved by the way you didn't answer that question that... uh... wasn't actually put to you. Talk about out of touch!

And then there's this gem: "What's it like to have a golf game that SUCKS as bad as your presidency?" Remember, D'Souza is one of the leading intellects on the right. All his book jackets say so.

We won't try to guess why D'Souza and company give the only funny line in the video to Recorded Obama -- "You need to get that checked right away. You need to get on healthcare.gov..." And it's a dick joke, aimed at D'Souza. Maybe Dinesh D'Souza just secretly longs to write diseased penis jokes for Wonkette? (Based on his portfolio, we'll pass.) And then, with the unerring comedic nuance of a conservative satirist, D'Souza follows that up with "Because I feel so bad about your crappy website, I'd like to offer you two tickets to the world premiere of my film, America." Because apparently just calling the website "crappy" got huge laughs in the focus group.

Blessedly, at 3:10 the video switches from D'Souza's pathetic attempts to be funny to a trailer for his new dumb movie, which, as we all know from history, first ran in the eyeball of a colonial soldier moments before George Washington died in the Revolutionary War and America never existed. It looks like a really crappy movie, and it will probably suck.

Oh, yeah, Dinesh, GOT YA!

[Between Two Americas]

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