Dingbat Inhofe Bravely Saves Kids From Brainwashing

hi crazy! - WonketteActual psychopath Jim Inhofe sent some of his staff to a UN climate-change meeting and has since learned a terrible secret: The actual goal of these "global warming" devils is to brainwash children.

The UN group just put out a kids' book explaining the whole melting-ice-everybody's-going-to-die thing, and Inhofe's office was quick to note that "the book features colorful drawings and large text to appeal to young children."

"This is paid for by the United Nations and it's brainwashing little kids," Inhofe said today. It's good to see Inhofe finally working to save the children, as his last big idea for kids was for the Pentagon to release "pictures of children being executed" so the Abu Ghraib stuff wouldn't seem so bad.

Senator calls UN climate meeting "brainwashing" [Reuters]


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