Dining At A STD Infested Institution And Drinking Until Evil Becomes Good


Thursday, February 25: Tomorrow we'll all watch Congress and the President fight to the death for health care reform, so why not cap off your evening talking about CBO scores, health insurance exchanges, and Peter Orszag at the Young Health Professionals Society Happy Hour? The fun starts at 6PM at Vapiano on M Street. [Young Health Professionals Society]

  • Saturday, February 27: Purim: another Jewish holiday based on a failed attempt to kill the Jews. Only for this celebration, Jews are mandated to drink until they can't tell the difference between good and evil, and to eat triangle shaped cookies. You can do all of this (be you a Jew or an alcoholic, or both) at "Purim Unplugged" at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue this Saturday night. [Sixth & I Historic Synagogue]
  • Monday, March 1: Good beer can come in a can, and we're not talking PBR here, but the real good stuff, and St. Ex wants you to indulge in it at their Premium Canned Beer Tasting Dinner, Monday at 6PM. Cost is $70, and it includes a 5-course gourmet meal. [Cafe St.-Ex]
  • Best Places in DC: A whole bunch of DC restaurants got nominated for these fancy "you make damn good food" awards -- also known as the James Beard Awards -- and if some DC restaurants, including Restaurant Eve, Komi and Rasika, are getting national acclaim, it's probably worth your time to check them out. [James Beard Awards Semi-Finalists via Metrocurean]
  • Food To Look Forward to: The house that the Real World DC cast called home is being turned into a restaurant (whether or not the hot tub will be there is TBD); A new coffee shop is coming to the Dupont area; and the area around the Convention Center continues to gentrify with the addition of a new bar, Bar 7, that is really six different bars in one.  [Washington Examiner, Filter Coffee, Bar 7]

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