Dinner With Sarah & Todd Palin! Bidding Starts At Just $25,000 On eBay

Dinner With Sarah & Todd Palin! Bidding Starts At Just $25,000 On eBay

If you've ever dreamed of joining four other random slobs for a very sexy dinner with Sarah Palin and her snowmobile stoner husband Todd, next Tuesday is your lucky day! Maybe. That's when you can start bidding on the eBay for a special group-food-eating occasion with some unemployed woman in Alaska who -- for reasons not even Republicans pretend to understand -- was a media celebrity for a few months last year.

So, anyway, imagine: Just you and Sarah, crammed into a booth at Chili's in Wasilla, with fucking Todd, too, mumbling about nothing, and then these four other fools who somehow came up with TWENTY-FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLARS -- in this economy? -- just for the starting bids, and you order the fajitas and oh man it is just so many goddamned plates and Sarah is looking at you weird and there's no room for her Fiesta Fishburger or whatever, and some really rockin' Bob Segar or whatever is playing on the wall speakers, and it's just magic.


Do it now! It's for some (non-Palin-household-expenses-related) charity, good cause, etc. Oh also you can bid on a dinner with Karl Rove. Just you and Karl, at Buca di Beppo, lousy Chianti in a little basket-bottle, some Krazy Bread, his hand on your thigh .... [CNN via Wonkette operative "Kevin T."]


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