Dinosaur Basement Man Was Blindsided By Argentinian Firecracker

  • People desperate for work are looking farther afield from their Depression-stricken hometowns, and will sleep at or near their place of employment even if it means staying in a tiny moldy shack most of the week. [Wall Street Journal]
  • If Warren Buffett had a liver transplant, he would tell his shareholders about it instead of creeping around all stealthy-like, as Steve Jobs did. [Bloomberg]
  • A Chinese official basically called Google a bunch of pornographers, and then Google service in China was disrupted. Coincidence???? [ChannelWeb]
  • The body of the pilot and a steward are among the more than 50 recovered from the Air France wreckage off the Brazilian cost. Still no black box, though. [Washington Post]
  • Now Republicans hate Ben Bernanke, so Democrats have to like him. [Reuters]
  • Tom Davis, the Jurassic Park dweller mentioned several times in Governor Sanford's tearful press conference yesterday, said he was as shocked as everybody else to learn about Sanford's affair. [ABC News]

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