Dire Paultards Consider 'Sessession' Options

Ron Paul was born in the secession eggIn order to preserve the Constitution, Paultards this weekend considered the most Constitutional move available: seceding from the United States. It was Constitutional once, it will be Constitutional again. On Ron Paul War Room (the sleeker Ron Paul Forums), one hobbit explains the scenario as such: "I'm not saying we don't continue to fight the bastards, but if their plan goes through, we need a place to go to fight them as one force." Where will Paultardia form?

In all honesty, it's a direct path, considering the various states that are preparing to secede anyway:

Say the Lakota Indians do pull off their withdrawal of the treaties with said federal government,That is 5 states basically in the center of the country on an east/west plain.

Texas there is no doubt will secede from the nation if the continued push for the NAU moves forward,so now you have basically the top and bottom of the center of the country pulling out,

Oklahoma has already expressed discontent with the NAFTA highway system coming through their state,as well as Colorado,Wyoming,Kansas and a few more towards the north west corner of the nation,

This is nearly the entire center section of America,

Realistically,Texas can secede from the Federal U.S. since their Constitution has never been ratified.I think there is one other state also,but couldn't be for sure which one it is.The other states will just have to fight for their "New" independence.

Yeah, realistically, Texas would probably secede tomorrow if someone just asked:

I know there is the "New State Project" in New Hamshire and there are secession movements in Vermont, and I think Texas.

I was thinking Texas would be a good place because the state is quite large.

Also Ron Paul is From Texas.

Sessession [Ron Paul War Room]


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