Dirty Politics

  • China admits that anti-government protests have spread outside Tibet; arrested "miscreants" appear on state-controlled Tibet Television expressing their regrets. [Guardian]
  • Ground commanders and Joint Chiefs disagree about how large a troop presence to keep in Iraq. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Obama's lovely speech doesn't go over so well with working-class white voters in Philadelphia. [Politico]
  • Jim Webb, the Democratic senator from Virginia, asks John McCain to co-sponsor the GI education bill all the cool kids have already co-sponsored. [The Hill]
  • The dumb Danish-cartoons-of-Mohammad controversy lives on! Religious nutbags were arrested on suspicion of wanting to kill that guy who drew the picture of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban. Danish papers republish the cartoons that sparked the original outrage. [New York Times]
  • Hillary Clinton needs a lot of luck to win the Democratic nomination. She also needs about 700,000 more votes to pull even with Barack Obama in the popular vote. [New York Times]
  • Coal, once considered the cheap and dirty alternative to oil, is now the expensive and dirty alternative. Can we blame Bush for this, too? [Washington Post]

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