Disaster (Generally) Averted

  • All of you Krugman fans out there, take note: he has re-entered the real estate market and found a swell bargain, so maybe you should, too! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Say goodbye to your public option, libtards. [Washington Post]
  • A couple of strong undersea earthquakes struck off the coast of Japan, but appear not to have triggered any dramatic tsunamis. [AFP]
  • A horrific blaze that killed 43 wedding guests in Kuwait may have been started by the groom's vengeful ex-wife, according to new reports. [Guardian]
  • A subway system strike in the Bay Area was halted at the eleventh hour. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • A late-blooming South Korean beat Tiger Woods at a game of golf, which is very meaningful. [New York Daily News]

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