Disastrous Interior Design Choices That Left Us Speechless! Tabs, Fri., April 9, 2021

Disastrous Interior Design Choices That Left Us Speechless! Tabs, Fri., April 9, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

You want a gun? Tennessee can get you a gun. — Tennessean

Joe Biden says what the fuck is up: Our gun deaths are an "international embarrassment." Factcheck: TRUE. (Talking Points Memo)

Well when you put it that way, Joy Reid!

Moseying through the delightful and happy-making Department of the Interior's news release tab, and deep breath/lie down: Secretary Haaland Creates New Missing & Murdered Unit to Pursue Justice for Missing or Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives. Thank you, Secretary Haaland.

Trump fixer Allen Weisselberg's ex-daughter-in-law to New York District Attorney:


Washington Post

Come on in, kids, we're just watching the news.

Now I can't stop wondering: Does Hunter Biden have two dicks?


Anyway, now that you know private citizen Hunter Biden does in fact have two dicks, does it even matter that Rep. Matt Gaetz was venmoing his crime dollars to his crime friend? — Daily Beast

Sing with me, music note emoji: "New Mexico has banned qualified immmmuuuuunityyyyyy!" (The Innocence Project)

DID YOU KNOW, my husband Shy has been questioned about TWO serial killers, including the Unabomer? (They did not think he was the Unabomer, or the other one; he worked at the Greyhound station at which Unabomer would buy tickets for ... oh who knows, it's very complex!) Anyway, happy 25th anniversary Unabomer! You should not kill people. — FBI

This is wonderful: What it's like when a billionaire just gives you $8 million. (Slate)

This is terrible: Manhattan Beach won't "apologize" to Black family whose resort it seized a century ago, fine, fine, whatever, they're getting their property back, and most people at the City Council meeting at least were adamantly in favor of an apology as well. But if you want to read what the idiots who opposed the apology think about racism not existing because the family just don't want to work like the Manhattan Beach residents, well. That's here too. (Spectrum)

Oh huh, the Obama administration warned Michael Flynn in 2014 that the Emoluments Clause doesn't allow retired military officers to accept money from Russia and Turkey and whatnot, and Michael Flynn totally obeyed the Constitution, or the opposite of that. — The Guardian

Oh I hope my face doesn't stick like this:

In a 2017 email, Mortimer Sackler, son and namesake of one of the three brothers who co-founded Purdue Pharma, requested a $10 million loan—and "a possible additional $10 million...MAX"—from the family trust to fund his lavish lifestyle, with instructions to keep the cash infusion secret from his relatives.

"Start off with saying I am not happy," he wrote to a psychiatrist and "leadership confidant" named Kerry Sulkowicz. "I am falling significantly behind financially." [...]

"I have been working for years on Purdue at what I consider to be a considerably discounted value relative to what MY TIME IS WORTH," Mortimer wrote. "I am LOSING money by working in the pharma business." [...]

"I don't want to hear my siblings' opinion on this and I don't need more stress for this. I need to have this resolved... This needs to happen, the only question is how much DRAMA will be needed for this to happen."

How much DRAMA indeed. And how are the other Oxycontin heirs feeling lately? Are they SAD and PUT UPON? Let us LEARN!

On June 12, 2015, David wrote an email to his parents to "voice some thoughts." He griped that as Richard's assistant, he had worked hard to "manage the family fortune" and "make the family richer." He was Richard's "right hand for everything"—a grueling job because "beyond pushing myself to excel, I work for a boss (Dad) with little understanding of what I do."

All told, he wrote, it was "quite literally the hardest job in the world."

is it an EVEN HARDER JOB than LIVING in MANHATTAN BEACH???? Should you use one of your Daily Beast articles on the saddest, most pitiful family "in the world"? YOU SHOULD.

Disastrous Interior Design Choices That Left Us Speechless. Oh yeah, that's the good shit right there. — My Health Gazette, of course!

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