Discarded Hog Head Freaks Out NJ Politician

New Jersey - WonketteWe usually ignore news about a "former state senator," but when it involves a severed pig's head and there's a picture of said severed pig's head .... The nobody in question is Alene Ammond, and it seems the head of a roasted pig was dumped on her lawn and she lost her mind, because it was facing the house. Talk, crazy lady, talk to the teevee person who doesn't know how to write:

"It this just a joke? A sick joke?," Ammond said. "And I don't understand. Whatever it is, why me? Because the police apparently went around to see if there was vandalism, and there was nothing. It was just us -- just this house."
This happened in New Jersey, obviously. The police and the reporter are confused: "Police said they had never had a case like this before, and they were not aware of a symbolic meaning for a severed hog's head, if one exists."

Where is George Allen, anyway?

Hog's Head Dumped At Former N.J. Sen.'s House [WSOC TV]


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