Discover the Network! And Then Round Them Up

We just about crapped ourselves with excitement when we stumbled on Discover The Network, a guide to the liberal conspiracy. So great! Finally, a way to keep track of our fave feminazis and lefty loonies!

But we can't seem to find anyone, like, interesting. And really, they're gonna need to do some better programming and database administration if we're going to keep up with those tricky liberals. Why no entry on that bra-burner and NOW President, Kim Gandy? She doesn't get her own entry? No Joe Trippi? No Doug Hattaway, no Jim Kolbe? And we're a little hurt by our exclusion, honestly. Fucking Eric Alterman? Garrison Keillor? This leftist conspiracy sucks it through my jeans.

Excuse us for the next hour or so while we go enter some names.

Discover The Network [DtN]


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