Disgusting Daily Caller Guy Masturbates To Meghan McCain


Tucker Carlson has bagged him his very own humor columnist! Or at least we think so, as the few comments on this article seem to think it's "brilliant" and "funny." The Daily Caller's Jeff Winkler thinks he is a cool person and Meghan McCain is a cool person because they call themselves conservatives and think they appreciate culture, and because they are the only two cool conservatives,they should have gross sex with each other. He calls her "Twitterific" and "beautiful." And refers to them both as "hipster conservatives." And this pose in the photo is probably what he looked like when he passed out at a Daily Caller party and Tucker groped him, if such a thing has ever happened.

I had hoped DSP would be a manifesto on how conservatism can regain authenticity while embracing culture and remaining “relevant.” That is, is there a place at the bar for the (hipster + conservative =) hipstervatives?

Yep, there is a place at the bar! All you had to do was come up with that amazing portmanteau! Hipsters love that shit!

We’re like two Black Eyed Peas in an iPod. No one really gets us as a group.

Is this guy sure he's not already king of the hipsters? What a witty, witty thing to write.

From your Daily Beast columns and Twitter feed, I know you have sex, like to drink, love guns and cuss like a Rahm Emanuel. Me? I floated the Daily Caller’s keg, have a filthy mouth and almost blasted off my junk with a 410 once.

Wow, a filthy mouth and he nearly turned his "junk" into a rocket ship with an eastern Maryland area code? He sounds like a catch, Meghan! You'd better take him up on this boning offer and then post the sex tape on Tucker's website so the world can implode from the sheer embarrassment of what human civilization has come to. [Daily Caller]


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