Dispatches From Another Day Of Ceaseless, Unrelenting Lies


GAHH! A full 100% (as opposed to the usual 99.9%) of the political conversation right now is transparently disingenuous bullshit, and everyone knows it but continues playing out the fiction anyway, on Twitter and stuff. Not one person involved in Big Controversy about whatever DC lobbyist/PR lady/seller of access Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney last night on CNN actually cares. Ann Romney, Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign, media scribes, politicians, Twatters, whoever -- none of them were viscerally offended by what Hilary Rosen said on teevee last night. Kind of like it was last week, when the fake story was Caterpillars. We've already descended to WAR ON WOMEN: CATERPILLARS vs. CNN DEMRAT PR LESBO-FEMINAZI as the hot narrative, several months before the typical bottoming-out month of August. Be scared.

The simplest way to capture the zeitgeist on any particularly thick day of soulless make-believe twee bullshit is to visit the blog of Jennifer Rubin, conservative commentator for the Washington Post and breathtakingly unsubtle hack for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Her interview with Ann Romney today is a masterwork of synthetically engineered sympathy.

Despite the public tweets from President Obama’s advisers and Rosen, no one has called her to apologize — not the campaign, not the White House and not Rosen. She resists playing the victim. “I am okay,” she said. “I have a thick skin.” She even jokes that raising five boys was “a lot tougher” than anything Rosen is going to dish out.

Ann Romney joined Twitter last night for the sole purpose of playing the victim as fast as possible. She then spoke to Jennifer Rubin on her way to the airport, to play the victim. The Mitt Romney campaign strategy today and indefinitely going forward is for Ann Romney to play the victim, as much as possible, in all media platforms. She is allowed to play the victim for political gain, of course. But "she resists playing the victim" is an amazing thing for Rubin to write for her writing job that pays her actual money to write about politics. Yeesh, Jesus. Ugh. Someone buy Jen Rubin a steak tonight; she's earned it.



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